The old saying is that death and taxes are the only certainties. However, tax law is always changing. In fact, in some cases it takes a tax professional to help you understand the process. People go to school for years to learn the ins and outs of tax law — and then they have to If you are looking for some direction with your taxes, you can find some advice on the web. You need to be careful of where you get the information, but you can get a good start on learning some of the basics when you read these 50 blogs on taxes:

Income Taxes

You can get tax tips about preparing your income taxes and learn about regulations, as well as some of the latest tax breaks.

  1. Tax Planning: tax planning guide provides you with tips and helpful hints to help you better manage your income taxes.
  2. Roni Deutch: The Tax Lady Blog: Helpful tax advice and tips from a respected tax professional.
  3. Taxable Talk: Answers questions about common and uncommon tax situations.
  4. The Wandering Tax Pro: Get information about taxes, and learn helpful tips about preparing your taxes.
  5. Don’t Mess with Taxes: Tips, advice and insights related to income taxes.
  6. Stacie’s More Tax Tips: Helpful tips that provide you with the information you need for your taxes.
  7. Our Taxing Times: Get the perspective of a tax professional.
  8. The Missouri “Taxguy”: Tax tips and helpful hints for tax preparation.
  9. Tick Marks: Addresses issues related to taxes and tax prep, as well as touching on matters of personal finance and politics.
  10. Rubin on Tax: The latest news on what affects your income taxes.
  11. Tax Break: The official Turbo Tax blog offers plenty of tax tips and help.
  12. Canadian Tax Resource Blog: If you are interested in tax tips and advice related to Canadian taxes, income and business.
  13. Tax Brain: Get information on tax preparation, and more.

Business Taxes

If you have a business, you have special tax forms to fill out, and there are different tax credits and deductions.

  1. Business Tax Advisor: This blog on offers helpful advice related to business taxes.
  2. US Business Law/Taxes: Find out more about small business law and taxes.
  3. Gina’s Tax Tips: Find out more about small business taxes, and get tips on preparing your small business returns, as well as get individual tax tips.
  4. Tax Update Blog: Roth & Company offers information on business taxes and other tax related issues.
  5. Tax 2.0: Find out more about corporate taxes, and how they might affect your business.
  6. Portland Small Business Tax Blog: While this site focuses mainly on small business tax tips in Portland, it is still helpful for others as well on some subjects.
  7. SalesTaxBuzz: A business tax blog that helps businesses with their transactions.

Property/Real Estate Taxes

Want to know more about real estate taxes, and how they work? You can make use of these blogs that share information about property taxes.

  1. Taxing Issues – Property Tax Blog: Get news and information on property taxes, including information for specific states.
  2. ValueAppeal Blog: Looks at property tax values. Additionally, this blog offers tips on how you can appeal your property taxes.
  3. Property Tax Blog: Helpful information on real estate property taxes, and tips for appeals.
  4. New York Property Tax: News, tips and advice relates to New York real estate taxes.
  5. Death and Taxes: This blog focuses on real estate issues and taxes, with a special emphasis on estate planning in the Chicagoland area.
  6. Estate Planning, Business, Real Estate, & Tax Law: Learn more about a variety of tax subjects, and get good advice and tips on a number of subjects.

Tax Law and Tax Jobs

Learn more about tax law, and how it is applied. Insights, advice and hints about taxes. You can also learn about tax jobs and the people that work in taxes.

  1. Taxgirl: An attorney that really knows her tax stuff. New tax information, and how it affects you.
  2. MauledAgain: Tax law news and commentary.
  3. Tax Relief Blog: Tips and information on tax law that can help you find relief.
  4. Tax Law Blog: A look at tax law, and tips on tax litigation.
  5. Tax Law Forum: Find information about tax law, and tips for what you can do to stay on top of things, at this blog.
  6. Nonprofit Law Prof Blog: This blog looks at law related to organizations with no-profit tax status.
  7. Tax Controversy Lawyer Blog: Read about tax law and stay up to date on the latest developments.
  8. International Tax Blog: News about international tax law, policy and more.
  9. Tax Grotto — All About Tax Jobs: News and information about tax jobs, and the people that work in global taxes.
  10. In-House Tax Blog: This U.K. blog offers information on tax technology, tax jobs and more.
  11. Canadian tax law and information that can be of help and provide advice.

Tax Policy and News

How do we end up with the taxes we have? What are some of the theories that have to do with how taxes are figured — and how the money is spent? A look at tax policy, and how it might affect you.

  1. Tax Policy Blog: The Tax Foundation offers analysis on tax policy.
  2. TaxVox: The Tax Policy Center has its own policy blog.
  3. A Taxing Matter: Learn more about tax policy, read the latest news about taxes, and find out how tax policy affects you.
  4. TaxProf Blog: Latest news in tax policy, as well as some analysis.
  5. Tax Lawyer’s Blog: Follow the latest tax policy headlines, and read analysis about how you can navigate the policy changes.
  6. IRS Hitman: News about taxes, and the headlines that affect the ordinary taxpayer. Specialization is helping with tax debt.
  7. Tax Rascal: Looks at the main issues of the day, and how they are affected by taxes — and then how they affect you.
  8. Start Making Sense: Tax policy blog that offers insight, tips and advice on how different aspects of tax policy affect you.
  9. Policy news and headlines, designed to help you know what’s coming so you can make better decisions about your tax planning.
  10. The Tax CPA: This professional offers her perspective on taxes and policy.
  11. 21st Century Taxation: A look at tax policy, and how the tax system can be moved into this century.
  12. The Fair Tax Blog: A look at tax policy, and promotion of the idea of the fair tax.
  13. taxprecision: An interesting look at international tax policy.

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