The Ultimate Guide to a Career with a Masters in Taxation

Getting your master’s degree in taxation will open a number of doors for you if you’re interested in a career in accounting or a related field. Many states require you to have a master’s degree to work as a Certified Public Accountant, or CPA, and a master’s degree in taxation can also lead to a career in other fields as well. Let’s look at your options if you go back to school to get this kind of a degree.

Masters in Taxation Education

Before you get your master’s degree in taxation, you need a bachelor’s degree in taxation, accounting, math, or a related field. Typically master’s degree programs for taxation students take about two years to complete, though it depends on whether you’re a part time or full time student and the demands of your specific program. Some of the classes you may take as part of this program include tax preparation, corporate taxes, international business tax preparation, law, tax research, and tax writing. You may also participate in an internship as part of your degree program, or serve as a research or teaching assistant in the taxation department at your school. Taxation degrees can be awarded as MBAs, Master of Science degrees, or Master of Laws degrees, depending on school.

Career Options with a Masters in Taxation

So what can you o with a master’s degree in this field? Many go on to become CPAs, which requires you to take a series of tests about tax information. You can also become an estate planner, working to help adults make the best tax decisions about their possessions as they get older, or a tax attorney, where you’ll help defend or prosecute people dealing with tax-related legal issues. If you go on to get a doctorate degree, you can also teach at the college level, becoming a professor in the tax field.

Daily Tasks as a Tax Professional

In this field, you’ll most likely work with clients at a firm, though there are also regulatory and auditing positions available. Your daily tasks could include things like giving people tax advice, preparing tax returns, or consulting on tax-related issues. Specific duties depend on your job position and employer.

Sponsored Masters in Accounting & Taxation Degrees

Kaplan University MS in Accounting Kaplan University › An MS in accounting from Kaplan University teaches its grad students to critically understand and hone problem-solving skills while urging its students to strive for mid- to senior-level positions in the field of accounting. The degree is designed to enrich skills in auditing, taxation, cost accounting, and financial accounting while providing students the opportunity to choose elective courses to meet their specific interests and goals.
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Liberty University MS in Accounting Liberty University › Liberty's Master of Science in Accounting focuses on leadership and its application to both national and international accounting practices. Students are expected to develop oral and written competencies in particular to accounting contexts and will exhibit mastery with current research methods and academics relevant to accounting, auditing and taxation. This 30-hour program can be completed in one to two years and may enable students to meet the 150 hours required to sit for the CPA exam.
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Walden University MS/Accounting: CPA Walden University › The Master in Accounting with a CPA Emphasis endeavors to provide a balanced curriculum to allow its student to be prepared to take the CPA Examination. The classes emphasize the use of analytical and critical-thinking skills while you explore the latest regulations, trends, and issues shaping the accounting industry. The degree provides an understanding of risk management, the impact of regulatory compliance, and emphasizes how accounting practices and tax strategies are critical to business and your vocation.
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