Masters in Taxation Degree Program Rankings

Are you interested in getting your master’s degree in taxation? If so, going to a top school for this kind of program can be an important boost to your resume, helping you find a better job when you graduate.

No matter where you go to school for your master’s degree in taxation, your classes will likely be similar, teaching you the skills you need to become a CPA or work in a related position. You’ll go over advanced information about the United States tax code, as well as take classes on law, statistics, and other subjects that you’ll need to learn to work in an advanced position in the tax industry. The specific classes you’ll take depend on the program you attend.

What schools have the top taxation programs?

California State University

Located in Fullerton, California, California State University is currently the top program in the United States for a master’s degree in taxation, according to U.S. News and World Report, a publication that annually ranks schools from across the U.S. Some of the classes you’ll take as part of this program include tax preparation, research, taxation of employee compensation, international business, and tax planning.

Grand Valley State University

Grand Valley State is one of the top 50 schools in the United States, according to U.S. News and World Report, and they have a robust taxation program at their graduate school. This school offers students classes in tax preparation and writing, law, current issues, tax research, corporate tax, and a number of other related programs.

Arizona State University and Suffolk University

If you want to attend a large school, Arizona State University is a great option. They have nearly 70,000 students at their Tempe campus and boast an impressive master’s degree program for taxation students. Alternatively, if you’re interested in a smaller school, check out Suffolk University in Massachusetts. This school has less than 10,000 students in total, but also has a great taxation program for master’s degree students.

Other schools that you can consider if you’re interested in attending one of the top schools for a master’s degree in taxation include the University of Washington, Temple University, the University of Southern California, San Jose State University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and the University of Houston.

Sponsored Masters in Accounting & Taxation Degrees

Kaplan University MS in Accounting Kaplan University › An MS in accounting from Kaplan University teaches its grad students to critically understand and hone problem-solving skills while urging its students to strive for mid- to senior-level positions in the field of accounting. The degree is designed to enrich skills in auditing, taxation, cost accounting, and financial accounting while providing students the opportunity to choose elective courses to meet their specific interests and goals.
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Liberty University MS in Accounting Liberty University › Liberty's Master of Science in Accounting focuses on leadership and its application to both national and international accounting practices. Students are expected to develop oral and written competencies in particular to accounting contexts and will exhibit mastery with current research methods and academics relevant to accounting, auditing and taxation. This 30-hour program can be completed in one to two years and may enable students to meet the 150 hours required to sit for the CPA exam.
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Walden University MS/Accounting: CPA Walden University › The Master in Accounting with a CPA Emphasis endeavors to provide a balanced curriculum to allow its student to be prepared to take the CPA Examination. The classes emphasize the use of analytical and critical-thinking skills while you explore the latest regulations, trends, and issues shaping the accounting industry. The degree provides an understanding of risk management, the impact of regulatory compliance, and emphasizes how accounting practices and tax strategies are critical to business and your vocation.
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