US taxes are very complex. If you’re considering a career in the tax accounting field, it is important that you understand how US tax laws work and that you stay up to date on changes as they occur. Check out these You Tube Videos that can give you some good insight into taxes and tax accounting for both individuals filing taxes and for business taxes.

  1. Weird Tax Facts: Is it patriotic to pay taxes?
  2. Three Great Reasons to Pay Your Taxes: A tongue in cheek look at how bad things happen when people don’t pay taxes.
  3. IRS Tax Commissioner Dodges Question: See the Tax Commissioner dodge the question about whether or not there is a law that requires you to pay taxes.
  4. 5 Income Tax Tips to Save You Money: Learn how to save money on your taxes. Make sure you’re not forgetting the deductions to which you’re entitled.
  5. Tax Deduction Tips for Businesses: Learn about accrual accounting.
  6. Tax Deduction Tips for Businesses: Cash basis tax. Learn the meaning of taxation on a cash basis, and how it impacts your business taxes.
  7. How to Avoid an IRS Audit: Learn the mistakes that will automatically make you more likely to get audited.By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can help your return fly under the radar.
  8. How to Avoid an IRS Audit: Learn how to deduct losses on your business without doing any of the things that trigger the IRS to audit you.
  9. IRS Self Employed Tax Deductions: Get all the deductions your small business deserves in this video from Harbor Financial. This video helps business owners ensure that they haven’t missed any of the deductions to which they’re entitled.
  10. Federal Tax Breaks for 2009/2010: Harbor Financial teaches you about the new tax breaks for 2009/10.Make sure that you understand the changes to the tax laws that happen every year.
  11. Federal Tax Withholding Calculator: Here are the tables for calculating your federal tax withholding.
  12. Child Tax Credit: Harbor Financial talks about the child income tax credit. The child tax credit applies to most families, but starts to taper off at a particular income. See how much credit you can get for each child.
  13. Amending Your Tax Return: How to amend your return after you’ve filed. If you find a mistake on your tax return after you’ve filed it, you can correct it with an amended return.
  14. Inheritance Tax Laws: Learn about the inheritance tax laws for 2010/2011. Inheritance tax usually only applies when a large amount of money is inherited. See how this tax law works.
  15. The Gift Tax: Understand the Gift Tax and whether it applies to you. Understand how the gift tax allows people to give away some of their money without their being any tax.
  16. Tax Tips: Are Hobby Expenses Deductible?: Discusses how you can deduct hobby expenses on your federal tax returns.
  17. Tax Tips for Mileage: Learn how to claim a mileage deduction for your small business. Mileage deductions are a great way to save money on your taxes if you own a small business. See how to keep track of and calculate this deduction.
  18. 10 Common Business Tax Deductions: Learn the most common deductions you can take for your business. There are some common deductions every business owner should be taking.
  19. The Best Kept Secrets of the IRS: Learn the deductions the IRS doesn’t want you to know about. See some of the less common deductions and credits that are not widely talked about, but that can save you money.
  20. Save Money with Frequently Missed Tax Deductions: Be sure you don’t miss any tax deductions. This video shows you the most commonly missed tax deductions so that you can ensure that you’re not missing them.

These videos should help you to have a better understanding of how taxes work, and some of the most recent changes to the tax laws. Tax accounting is definitely a field that requires you to stay on top of changes as they occur.

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