Today’s financial planners have a tough job. More people than ever are without jobs, and are very worried about planning for their futures. But, this scenario also creates great opportunities for financial planners, since their services may be more needed than ever.

Here are 17 applications you can carry on your USB drive, so that you can use them on any computer you might work with. They’ll help you stay more productive whether you’re working from home, the office or you’re visiting a client’s site.

  1. Fat Bits: This is a screen magnifier. You will use it over and over again if you are giving presentations via a computer to your clients.
  2. PStart: This makes finding the apps on your USB drive faster and easier. PStart gives you a start menu so that you can see what’s on your drive quickly for faster access.
  3. Restoration: This app lets you restore files that you delete by accident.
  4. Tiny USB Office: This is a very small, portable productivity software suite.
  5. FileZilla Portable: FileZilla is an FTP program. This is their portable version. It helps you transfer files between multiple places.
  6. SIW: This is a system analysis tool that gathers information about a computer’s hardware and software. Use it to help diagnose issues. This is especially useful if you are using a new computer and having issues.
  7. Portable Mozilla: A portable version of Mozilla’s Firefox. If Firefox is your favorite browser, you now have a way to take it with you everywhere, so that you can use it on another computer that does not have it installed.
  8. Foxit Reader: This portable PDF reader is a lifesaver. No matter where you are, you can read PDFs with ease.
  9. Open Office: Open Office is a portable version of Microsoft Office. It includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, drawing package and database.
  10. Infra Portable Recorder: This is great portable CD/DVD burning software.
  11. FSuite: This app offers plenty of tools for the MAC user. It includes Office, Graphic software, audio, video and developer tools.
  12. Country Codes: This is a list of country codes very helpful for determining codes for sending packages or making phone calls when you do not have internet access.
  13. Convert for Windows: This is a very hand conversion application. Convert distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, etc.
  14. Keep Pass: This is a great password manager you can use on your USB drive. Storing all your passwords in one place is a great help when you use multiple computers.
  15. Open Contacts: This is a client relationship management software you can add to your USB drive. It helps you manage your client relationships with ease, including letting you ensure you don’t miss follow up opportunities.
  16. Portable Task Planner: Ensure that you don’t miss any of your appointments or neglect your tasks by using this great task planning software you can store right on your USB drive.
  17. Money Manager EX: This is a great tool to pass along to your clients. It is free and it gets them started on some of the most basic aspects of managing their finances, like creating and monitoring a budget. By employing this tool at home, your clients will learn how to save more for retirement, which they can then get you to help them invest.

By using these applications, you’ll be able to work effectively from any location. You can keep track of your clients, manage your daily tasks and create presentations to go over with clients.

Today’s financial planner is required to be on the go. Applications that can go with you can mean the difference between getting everything done and leaving tasks incomplete, particularly on days when you may be visiting clients.

We’re certain that these applications will be ones you are happy to have on your USB drive so that you can maintain productivity and responsiveness to your clients even when you have to be out of your regular office for the day.

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